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Indiecon Information

Who is Indiecon going to appeal to? Any gamer is welcome at the event as the more we are, the more fun we will have and the more financially viable the whole thing will be.

The main gaming hall will be indie/home games as a priority. Other areas can accomodate classics and LG, CoC etc.

As for trade, indie publishers will have priority in the main hall. If there are any spaces left, then we can accomodate other people, however it is not our intention to have mainstream games for sale in the trade hall.

Definition of indie (from the Team's perspective): anyone who has published a game or supplement as a part time activity or on a small scale, is about to and has something to run for the event.

Of course some people will easily fall into that category, others will definately not and there will be a few grey areas in between. We need to see who comes forward and who is prepared to run what.

Then we can define how the small guys get priority in the main hall.Hopefully the format will allow for a good deal of crossover giving regular gamers a chance to discover something new.

Don't think of the main hall as a dingy, dank place where strange people peer at you from the tops of their pages of hand scribbled runes and unreadable stats torn out of an old school text book.

This will be a place to really try something new and possibly run a home game or set of house rules, meet some of the writers and publishers who bring you their games and maybe give a game that you would normally just walk past, a chance to catch you off guard. #

This will not just be a pit of obscure creations. Think of it as a fun themed environment where you can have a break from a slot of your regular games (D&D, CoC, Spycraft Etc.). There will be plenty of those too we can assure you.

If you are new to Indiecon: Firstly a BIG WELCOME to you.

So what do you do when you arrive at the park? Walk into the main entrance.. as you enter to the left you will see the holiday park main reception. Keep heading straight. though the double doors directly infront of you and there to your right you will see the Indiecon reception desk. Note if you arrive on the Thursday you'll find that around 10 pm ish we move to the Smugglers bar area (mainly because here the atmosphere is great and it gives us a chance to be part of it all :) so come find us there - i'm sure you'll just have to follow the gamers that will be there or listen to where the laughter is coming from to find us.

At the reception desk you'll be provided with the keys to any accommodation you may have reserved and your Indiecon Pass..

Passes will either be for the whole convetion, or part of it.. you also have an option to purchase a £4 game ticket.

Your pass will display your gaming number which you will give to your GM prior to any game you play. At the beginning of each slot all sign up sheets are collected and checked and then put into a GM raffle.

At the end of the convention all passes are collected and put into another raffle where everyone has one chance of winning our main Indiecon Prize.

Food and Drink: A snack bar exists within the gaming halls where you can purchase teas and coffees, jacket potatoes, burgers, sandwhiches etc.. and Smugglers will have a daily menu offering more what i would call 'plated food'. Chill con carne, Steak, vegetarian options - this menu changes regularly. We always also do 'a shop' prior to coming as the accommodation offers cooking facilities so bear this mind.

Gaming: Blank sign up sheets are completed and then blue tac'd to the boards in the main entrance area of the convention hall. It here that you should sign up for the games you wish to play. GM's if you have 'future' sign up sheets hand them into the reception and book your table. 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the slot Muster will be held, where you will be called by name and your GM will lead you to your gaming table.

if you find yourself without a game we will always attempt to find one.. to offer reservation spaces or to run one.

The Indiecon Team: Indiecon was the idea of Chris Loizou, creator of Cursed Empire, however making the con has always beeen a team effort. We have a great group of people working with us - seasoned gamers but also people who have years of experience running conventions. Andrew Mussell who will be your contact for accommodation, Duncan Rust, Muster Master, table organiser and overall wonderful person :) John Amos, again another friendly experienced gamer always willing to help. Lisa and Susan who help with registrations and questions, Rob who helps with our setting up.. and then me Karen who although not a big gamer absolutely loves the social side of the convention meeting new people.

What to Bring to Indiecon to make your stay more comfortable :

A good pan for cooking
Tea towels
Kitchen roll.
Washing up liquid. (You get a small bottle.)
Dishwasher tablets. (You only get one.)
Rubbish bags. (Although you can use shopping bags.)

Shampoo, soap and so forth.
Toilet paper

We hope the above helps - any questions please use the contact form to get in touch.

The Indiecon Team

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