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What do gamers think about Indiecon?

A great event, in spite of the disappointing weather, and looking forward to returning.

Everything was perfect and sweet as ever. Muster, free raffles, excellent venue - seemless organisation. I LOVE this convention!

Lodge was awesomely situated and they had been upgraded since my last visit.

Thanks to all my friends for making the con a great social event as well, whether just chatting in the bar or playing a few rounds of a board game, this is what makes Indiecon such a special time for me.

This was my first indiecon, and it was amazing. The accomodation was really good for the price, there were loads of people, loads of games, and everyone who wanted a game seemed to get one. It was good seeing some people again, and nice meeting people I had only spoken to on here before. Anyway, report.

Twas awesome!

I'm just posting to say this was my first con (other than Concrete Cow and Dragonmeet) and I had a great time - will definitely be back for more.

Raffle. Quick and rather generous in the prize department

Indiecon is awesome and ill be there in years to come

Thanks for another unforgettable experience, people! It rocked like a big stone.

Again, a triumph. Thanks so much to all the staff who made it possible and everyone I played with or talked to for making this a very enjoyable convention

Best Naish Con ever in terms of gaming satisfaction
Whatever i say below, every table, and i mean every table, had such great players. period. nuff said

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